Committed to the health and safety of our employees and protection of the Environment

EOHS Policy

We at The Anthea Group are engaged in the Manufacture and Supply of Organic Fine Chemicals to cater to the requirements of the global Flavour and Fragrance Industry.

We are committed to ensuring the Health and Safety of our Employees and the protection of the Environment, and we place high priority on these considerations in operating our Businesses.

This entails our commitment to:

Develop and maintain safe working environments and practices in each of our Manufacturing facilities.

Adopt suitable and adequate Treatment of all Waste generated in our Operations.

Work towards reducing Wastage and conserving Natural Resources.

Continuously review the Health, Safety and Environmental considerations in all of our Operations and incorporate changes in our Operating Procedures as required.

We will accomplish these commitments by:

Adopting suitable and adequate Technologies and Processes for HSE Management.

Setting clear objectives for the prevention of accidents, occupational illness and for reduction of Waste, and reviewing our performance against these set objectives.

Focusing on Reuse and Recycle of Materials where possible.

Focusing on process improvements aimed at reduction of Waste and conservation of Natural Resources.

Promoting best practices and learning in all the units through regular and adequate Training.

Being compliant with all statutory rules and regulations and obtaining all regulatory approvals and permits needed from time to time.

Developing effective work practices, work culture and awareness of EHS Management involving our Employees, Contractors, Suppliers, Transporters etc.

Including excellence achieved in HSE Management as a parameter for assessment in overall performance of Employees, Contractors, Vendors and Suppliers.

EOHS Policy